Burgundy is a unique and distinctive shade of dark red or purple. It’s one of the most sought after colors in the world. The color has gained its popularity due to its distinctiveness and uniqueness.

It’s not just about being a unique color. It also provides an exquisite contrast with other colors. It complements well with black, white, cream, and beige colors. It can be worn by men as well as women. Even though it’s known for its high fashion usage, it can also be found in interiors like walls, flooring, furniture, and curtains. It is a classic color combination used in interior decorating.

Here are some reasons why people love this color.

Burgundy color definition

  • A color derived from the French word “bourgundois” meaning red wine-producing region of Burgundy.
  • This shade of red or purple was named after the city in France where it originated.
  • It’s one of the most famous and widely recognized shades.

Burgundy color name origin

The color name originates from the French city called Bourgogne which is located in the region of France called Bourguignon, hence the name ‘burgundy’.

In 16th century, the color was first applied to wallpapers, fabrics, furnishings, carpets, and clothing. It was then adopted by artists and designers who started using the color in paintings.

What colors make burgundy

When you think of burgundy, you might imagine a warm red color. But, there are different types of burgundy colors too. Here’s how they differ from each other.

First, let’s take a look at the primary burgundy colors.

Red Burgundy – This type of color is light red in nature and usually appears on lighter shades like ivory, taupe, and off-white. Red Burgundy works best on dark wood furniture, wooden floors, and walls.

Deep Burgundy – Dark burgundy is a shade of red that’s darker than red Burgundy. It comes in various hues including burgundy, claret, violet, and wine.

Secondary Burgundy Colors – These are shades of burgundy that come in a variety of hues. You can find them in burgundy brown, ruby, and purple.

Next, we will discuss how to mix these colors together.

Burgundy complementary colors

Burgundy complementaries include shades that go well with burgundy.

Red Burgundy and Blue – When burgundy is combined with blue, it creates a warm tone of color. The burgundy complimented with any shade of blue produces a beautiful effect. You can pair burgundy with navy blues, royal blues, light blues, and sky blue.

Gray and Black Burgundy – If you combine burgundy with gray or black, it gives a dark and sophisticated look to your home décor. Gray and black burgundy works great when paired with navy, charcoal, and smoke gray.

When it comes to combining burgundy with other colors, it’s best to stick with neutrals. It goes well with all colors, but here are some combinations that work especially well.

  • White and Purple Burgundy – Purple and white gives a soft and elegant look to your room. It looks lovely with dark and medium grays.
  • Black and Purple Burgundy – This combo can create a dramatic effect in your interior décor. You can pair it with dark woods, black leather, and velvet.
  • Brown and Burgundy – You’ll get a rich, warm, and cozy feel with this combination. It goes well with earth tones, brown leather, and mahogany.

Apart from the mentioned combinations above, you can experiment with other combinations as well. Some of them are listed below.

  • Blue and Burgundy Color – This combination makes a gorgeous color scheme. It goes very well with royal blue, navy blue, turquoise, cobalt, and teal.
  • Black and Burgundy Color – This combination works well with charcoal, chocolate, tan, and ebony.
  • Green and Burgundy Color – It’s a perfect choice if you want to bring a fresh and bright atmosphere into your space.
  • Yellow and Burgundy Color – This combination is a bold way to spice up your space.

These are just a few of the many ways you can use burgundy color in your home. There are plenty more combinations out there. Use your creativity to explore new ideas and try different colors to see what works best for you!