Convert RGB 0-1 to 0-255

rgb 0-1 to 0-255 converterConverting RGB values from a scale of 0-1 to a scale of 0-255 typically involves scaling the values proportionally.

In the RGB color model, each color channel (Red, Green, and Blue) is represented by an integer value ranging from 0 to 255. This range represents the intensity or brightness of each color channel. However, in some contexts, you will find RGB values expressed in a float number between 0 and 1, which acceptable, but not always universal and applicable in different mediums. Therefore, some conversion is necessary to keep the integrity and transform exact RGB values between working spaces.

To convert RGB values from the 0-1 scale to the 0-255 scale, you can convert these values to a scale from 0 to 255, which is more commonly used in design.

To make this conversion:
Multiply each RGB value by 255.
This ensures that the values are scaled up to fit within the 0-255 range.

If the original RGB value is 0.5 (on a 0-1 scale), you would calculate: 0.5 * 255 = 127.5.

Round if Necessary:
Since you can’t have a fraction of a color intensity in the 0-255 scale, you might need to round the result to the nearest whole number.

If you get 127.5, you would round it to 128.

By following these steps, you can convert RGB values from the 0-1 scale to the 0-255 scale on paper. You can also convert using our RGB 0-1 to 0-255 conversion tool right below on this page:




Please note, that this RGB 0-1 to RGB 0-255 scale conversion might include some rounding. However, this should not have a significant effect on resulting color.